Study Finds Any Heel Height Affects Your Feet
High heel street style (Favim)

One of most joyous aspects of being a woman comes in the form of shoes – flats, boots, sandals, wedges, and most importantly, heels. But as any woman who has worn a pair of uncomfortable high heels knows, there is no better feeling than taking the shoes off. A new study conducted by Who What Wear and podiatrist Dr. Jackie Sutera found that heels of any height can have negative impacts on your health. Dr. Sutera stated in the study that many differences can be seen once your feet leave the ground, but the most damage is done two inches or higher.

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Infographic showing the affects of high heels on feet (Who What Wear)

“High heels shift weight to the ball of the foot, so the higher the heel, the more pressure,” Dr. Sutera said. “Knee joint pressure can also increase by up to 26% when a woman wears heels.” The study found that at three inches, 76% more pressure is put on the forefoot, whereas at one inch, only 22% of pressure is put on the forefoot. This pressure can ultimately cause foot deformities, longterm knee pain, and achey joints. As the saying goes, beauty is pain – but here are a few pain-relief tips for the next time you want to grow a few inches.