“Fashion Santa” Puts a Twist on Ol’ Saint Nick

Fashion Santa, actually named Paul Mason, will be appearing at the Yorkdale shopping center for the holiday season (Toronto Star)

A mall in Ontario, Canada has sent the Internet into a frenzy with their updated version of Santa Claus. Model Paul Mason has been unveiled as the “Fashion Santa” – a slimmed down, more stylish version of the beloved Christmas icon. Instead of the red suit and long beard, Mason showcases the modern Kris Kringle.

In the recent days, stylish ads have been released featuring Mason as the fashionable Santa. He will be appearing at Yorkdale shopping center during the month of December and will be available to pose with mall patrons. For every selfie that is taken with the Fashion Santa, Yorkdale will donate $1 to the SickKids foundation. Mason, 50, has walked the runways in Paris, London, and Milan, and has appeared in campaigns for Dolce & Gabbana and DKNY.

The modern Kris Kringle is a hipster take on Santa Claus (Toronto Star)

As for why Fashion Santa should be taken seriously? Its a modern take on a classic holiday staple. “The biggest similarity would be our approach,” Mason said. “We want to make people smile and bring joy and goodwill to everyone over the holidays.”

Fashion Santa probably has sleigh bells as his iPhone ringtone this holiday season (Toronto Star)