Land’s End Rebrands to Attract Millennials

Lands’ End advertising from Fall 2015 (Multivu)

Out with the old, in with the new. Lands’ End has recently gone through a rebranding period to attract a younger customer base. By creating streamlined store layouts, trendier garments, and incorporating technology into the shopping experience, the brand is able to reach a younger audience. Lands’ End was previously known as a company with target audiences and demographics within the Baby Boomer and Generation X generations. By keeping their aesthetic and image true to heart, these key changes have allowed for the brand to draw in new markets.

Inside the Land’s End pop up shop on Fifth Avenue in New York City (Jennifer S. Altman/New York Times)

It seems to be working, with a raving positive review from Molly Young of the New York Times. The fashion writer describes the brand, “If the store were a party, it would be the kind where the guests are gone and the dishes washed by 11 p.m.” Young, who is of Generation Y, was attracted to new store layouts and updated fashions. “The younger me would have been blind to these components, but time has a way of turning defects into assets,” says Young.

The outside of the Fifth Avenue Lands’ End pop up shop (PR News Wire)