Karl Lagerfeld Pays Tribute to Paris in Exhibition

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Teatro No. 5 is a 9,800-square-foot film set inspired by a Left Bank neighborhood in the 1960s (Agnes Dherbeys/New York Times)

The reveal of the 13th Métiers d’Art collection for Chanel unveiled Karl Lagerfeld’s homage to Paris this past Tuesday, December 1. Placed with Lagerfeld’s designed, this annual presentation of craftsmanship of Chanel-owned ateliers was held in Rome. With a theme of Paris, Lagerfeld paid tribute to a city close to his heart.

“We decided to do this months ago, of course,” Lagerfeld stated. “We could never have known what was about to happen. But it seems very fitting to salute Paris and its way of life when the reality of the city at the moment is so black.”

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A snapshot of the collection Lagerfeld premiered at the event (Agnes Dherbeys/New York Times)

The recreation of Paris in Rome was inspired by the city’s romanticism and beauty. Previous held in Dallas, Salzburg, and Edinburgh, the Métiers d’Art collection was presented on the Teatro No. 5; this set is a monochrome 9,800-square-foot film set created by Chanel on the famous Cinecitta movie studios built by Benito Mussolini.

“It’s more about the air than the reality,” notes Lagerfeld. “Times today are not that romantic. We need to work on that.”

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Lagerfeld after his bow, holding the hand of his godson, Hudson Kroenig (Agnes Dherbeys/New York Times)