Fashion As Self-Defense

Avita Ziesler is changing the way females fight for themselves (New York Times)

Avital Ziesler, a hand-to-hand combat trainer, is revolutionizing female self-defense in Manhattan – one pair of shoes at a time. Ziesler has popularized a form of self-defense for women that surrounds high heeled shoes. Women are trained to use their high heeled pumps as weapons against an attacker, through kicks, jabs, and chokeholds. Passionate about women learning to defend themselves, Ziesler teaches course in this new form of self-defense as a way to empower women.

The women who started the trend of fashion as a form of defense back in 2007, with her class entitled Stilettos and Self-Defense, Jennifer Cassetta stated, “Women feel very empowered wearing heels. But most women can barely walk in them, let alone run. If you can’t run away, you better know how to fight off an attacker.” Since women wear heels frequently and being attacked is a worry of many, this form of self-defense will transform how females fight back.


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